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Winter is here... and with it snow! Whether you love to Snowshoe, snowboard or ski winter is

no “off-season”. Be at your best for your favorite winter activities is important.

After a long day on the ski slopes, have you experienced that dreaded heaviness in your legs?

Maybe aches in your thighs, lower back pain or muscle cramps all over? If so, your body needs

a day of relaxation, a good massage and bodywork to recover.

A massage is an integral part of sporting performance and also can be a great solution after a

hard day of shredding snow.

For most individuals involved in winter sports, massage can be consolidated into two categories:

General Pre- Activity Massage

The focus is loosening up the muscles that are primarily engaged during skiing or

snowboarding. Deep pressure with slow strokes and incorporated assisted stretching will benefit

the skier and prepare the body to perform the best it possibly can.

Post -Activity Recovery Massage

This recovery massages should help your body recover more quickly from the overused muscle

soreness, while at the same time addressing any muscle strains or pulls.

Deep pressure, long flushing strokes and trigger point therapy will relax your muscles, improve

circulation, increase flexibility and less pain.

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