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Have you ever had a constant headache that just won’t go away? Did you know that massage

has been proven to help tension headaches?

Read more about the benefits of massage in this post.

In The United States alone, more than 60% of the 45 million Americans suffer from chronic

headaches caused by stress, poor posture, lack of sleep, or other imbalances of the

musculoskeletal system.

Headaches can seriously impact daily life when they occur frequently or for an extended period

of time. Massage is one of the natural alternatives to allopathic medicine that helps relieve

headaches while avoiding the side effects that often accompany prescription and

over-the-counter medications.

Massage therapy helps to relieve headaches by easing muscle tension held in the muscles of

the head, shoulders and neck. When muscle tension eases, there is less pressure on the

nerves and blood vessels that supply them. Massage therapy not only helps the muscles of the

body to relax but also effectively reduces the anxiety and mental stress that can cause

headaches. Furthermore massage increases range of motion of the cervical vertebrae.

Overall, massage has been proven to be very beneficial for tension headaches and is a great

way to rest, relax and distress.

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